Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed

Educator, Visionary, Quizmaster.

Mr. Ahmed has a history of nurturing young leaders to become global change agents. He is currently serving as the Dean at Learning Paths School in Chandigarh. Mr. Mushtaq, a product of the same education system that he now leads, felt the urge to change the orthodox ways in which education is imparted on the students. Being an entrepreneurial educationist with eyesight and zest to make a difference in the way students comprehend education, he has always endeavoured to pave the way for a glistening and a better education system for students.

His guild with Junior Achievement India spans over 23 years where he has mentored the Student Company Program in which students learn entrepreneurial skills while they create their own student companies. They make and market real products, raise “capital” and make “real” profits (or losses) with the support and mentoring of professionals like Mr. Ahmed himself. He also led the business competitions vertical as the Program Head in which teams are prompted to make decisions that affect the profitability and sustainability of their virtual company and attempt to outperform their competitors in profit, sales and market share. Also a faculty member for courses like Financial Accounting, Cost/Management Accounting and Financial Management, Corporate Strategy and Managerial Economics, this makes Mr. Mushtaq not only an able Qbiz quizmaster  host, but a leader who leads upfront bringing students face to face with the real life challenges thus nurturing the young leaders of tomorrow.

He has been associated with Qbiz since our inception. His jovial nature and unique manner of quizzing have always made him a quizmaster with a difference.