Qbiz, a business quiz format was created with the vision, “to satiate the spirit of competition while enhancing knowledge.” The basic vision and premise of Qbiz rests upon the cognizance skill of the student. Qbiz aspires to engage all those students who are champions of applied and holistic learning. It seeks to identify all those mavericks that consistently learn, innovate and improve.

Qbiz started humbly in 2013 with only 25 schools and just over 3000 in student participation. Such was the phenomenal intent and delivery that the participation simply grew threefold in 2014 with over 75 schools and more than 9000 students. Riding on this success, Qbiz 2015 grew not only in numbers but also in terms of quiz delivery and outreach. For the very first time, four Regional Rounds were conducted in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Shimla, and Mussoorie in esteemed institutions in these respective cities, the Chandigarh Regional Round being held at the Indian School of Business, Mohali Campus.

Why participate in competitive quizzes?

A highly competitive environment of intellectual minds
Learn the tits and bits of business
Meet ambitious students and officials
Build your soft skills and learn more about business
Make new friends, from different cultures and time
Bridge academia-industry gap by following industry trends and prominent personalities